Write all summer with Bic pens from Shoplet - review

In the age of texts, emails and Instagram, everyone has forgotten the thrill of a handwritten letter. Opening the mail box to find a written treasure can bring a smile that could last all day. This summer stock up on Bic Pens and write a letter to all your friends. 

Bic pens have a variety of writing instruments that can fit many different uses. From the comfort retractable style to the multifunction pen stylus, Bic has an option for any scenario. The comfort grip on the pens keeps hands from cramping. Plus the smooth roll-ball allows for an even, effortless writing style. 

Bic offers a variety of products for all the home office needs. From permanent markers to a favorite pen, Bic has a product that fits all a family's office needs. Soon the kids will be grabbing a pen and paper instead of that smartphone.

Disclosure: I received these products to review. All opinions are my own.

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