Let a whisper become a roar, When the Cypress Whispers

In life, everyone experiences moments of doubt. It can be superficial, like did I wear the right shoes for this outfit. Or, it can be profound, like should I move across the country for a new job. When faced with a decision, sometimes there is a little voice in the back of your head to guide you on the right path. That path may not be easy, obvious or understood, but that voice knows what is in your heart. These thoughts are the basis behind the story, When the Cypress Whispers.

The book When the Cypress Whispers weaves the story of a old world Greek grandmother and her ambitious, yet struggling, granddaughter. Daphne, the granddaughter, seems to have success within reach. Yet her beloved grandmother has wisdom to share that goes beyond the outward appearances. The story makes readers re-value the purpose of their lives and think about their own paths.

I had the opportunity to read When the Cypress Whispers on a recent vacation. From the warm sands, I could picture the beauty of the Mediterranean and savor the flavors of the Greek kitchen. Even though I was whisked away into this magical world, a few passages brought me back to reality - why was I reading and not playing with my kids.

As a busy mom, I appreciate the few moments of "my" time. But, as I read more and more many of the stories made me realize that a family vacation isn't about "me" time all the time. My kids and my husband want and need me to be present in the moment. In actuality, playing in the sand, jumping in the waves and being in the moment is a great rejuvenating "me" time. More importantly our family will cherish these moments together long after they have past.

What I took from this beautifully written story about women, food and life choices is that life is full of love, laughter and memories, but I must listen to the voice that whispers so softly and tries to guide me toward the better decision. While life is a work in progress, I strive to make conscious choices that may not be the path of least resistance. Yes, that extra dessert might mean my jeans don't fit, but I made that cake with my kids. Yes, that article may not be written but I read a book with my child. Everyone knows that life is short, maybe it is time to actually let those old sayings roar and not whisper.

When the Cypress Whispers is written by Yvette Manessis Corporon. It is the story of a Greek America and her Greek grandmother. The story blends the culture and food of old-world Greece with the ambitions and fast paced life of today. The novel can be purchased at a variety of retailers both online and in bookstores.

Disclosure: I received a copy to read and review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Beautiful review!! It's so important to get your priorities going in the direction of your heart!
    Nice job! :)

  2. I love to read, this sounds like a great book for me.