Journaling for the summer with Roaring Springs - review

As the school year comes to an end, parents are thinking of creative way to fight off the brain drain. While kids want a break from school, they can benefit from the occasional homework assignment. Make those writing assignments fun with Roaring Spring Lifenotes Notebook and Landscape Pad.

When it comes to a writing assignment, it needs to be fun and limited in scope. Personally, our family likes small notebooks, like the Roaring Spring Lifenotes, to take on family trips, long swim meets or just for a few notes. One of these notebooks would make for a great travel journal. For example, on our last trip,  each child had to write 3 sentences a day about what we did or what was their favorite activity. I took those written pages and incorporated them into a photo book at the end of the trip.

Another good option to keep kids writing is the Landscape Pad. The bright colors helps me to determine which pad belongs to which child. We can use these papers for practicing wall words, grammar rules or even to write a quick note.

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Let the kids have fun over the summer but keep them writing. A fun notebook can be the start of an inspiring tale.

Disclosure: I received these products to review. All opinions are my own.