Air Wick Familiar Favorites, scents meant to be together - review

Certain scents conjure special memories. For me, baking in the kitchen will always remind me of my grandmother. Sunday morning making cinnamon rolls is etched in my memory. The scent of warm, sweet cinnamon brings that image to my mind. Air Wick understands that particular scents bring comfort and familiarity. The Familiar Favorites line brings beloved brand scents into your home. 

The Air Wick Familiar Favorites line includes three scents that are beloved brands. These scents like Snuggle, Cinnabon, and Baby Magic evoke memories, feelings, and comfort. From a delicious great pulled from the oven to the baby giggles at bath time, these scents can bring a moment to escape from the daily grind. 

"Scent has the power to evoke an unique sense of comfort when you surround yourself with fragrances you know and love," said Domenick Tizaiano, Senior Brand Manager, Reckitt Benckiser.  We're thrilled to be partnering with three of America's most recognizable and beloved brands for this new collection, so consumers can enjoy the comforting scents they love at home anytime."

From the Familiar Favorites line, my personal favorite is Cinnabon. The blend of spicy cinnamon with the sweet, cream cheese frosting transports me back to being a child baking with my grandmother. The scent is comforting and inviting at the same time. It gives my home a hint of fresh baking and I don't have to worry about hiding the yummy treats that could ruin my diet. 

Air Wick offers a variety of products using the Familiar Favorites scents. The Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra automatically releases bursts of fragrance throughout the day. After a long day of running the kids around, our home feels inviting and soothing. 

In addition to the Freshmatic Ultra, this line is available in the Air Wick Scented Oils. Scented oils are available for earners, Nite light Warner's and double fresh warmers. 

Both Air Wick items retail for approximately $5.99 at most major retailers. 

Disclosure: I received these items to review. All opinions are my own.

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