After dinner cordial in style with Bellamain Whiskey glasses - review

After a delicious dinner, a smooth, sipping whiskey is delightful way to end the meal. While the type of whiskey served is a personal preference, the glass should elevate the beverage to its best level. The Bellamain Whiskey glasses are perfect for the home bar.

The Bellamain Whiskey glasses offer terrific shape to enhance the enjoyment of the whiskey. For the unfamiliar, the shape of a glass can help the drinker's ability to savor a drink's depth, complexity and character. When tasting a whiskey, the experience is more than just drinking. The aroma and color adds to the flavor profile.

The Bellamain Whiskey glasses are great for tasting parties or an after-dinner cordial. The size and shape are perfect for a sipping. Personally, the weight of the glass is key. This glass offers a good heft in the hand without becoming clunky. The shape fits well in both danity hands and more muscular ones.

Bellamain Whiskey glasses can be purchased on The estimated retails price is $19.99.

For the home bar, the Bellamain Whiskey glasses would make a perfect addition. For the occasional whiskey drinker or the person who wants a well stocked bar cabinet, the Bellamain Whiskey glasses should be the next purchase on your list.

Disclosure: I received this item to review. All opinions are my own.

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