Watch out for the bugs - HEXBUG Havoc app

There is something creeping and crawling on your iPhone. HEXBUGS have found their way to your iDevices.  The new free to play, HEXBUG Havoc, allows HEXBUG fans a new way to play with their favorite creatures.

“This game will bring fans even closer to the fun of HEXBUG’s playful, adventurous robotic creatures,” said Bob Mimlitch, III co-founder and chief technology officer of Innovation First International. “The new platform is a fun, free complement to our existing robotic toys, allowing users to easily take their HEXBUGs on the go, while leaving their tracks and physical bugs at home. The game is also totally addictive.”

At the start of each mission, players choose their own Nano V2 before exploring their way through endless horizontal tracks and vertical tubes filled with collectibles, power-ups, obstacles, and enemy HEXBUGs. Players will need to travel fast and far to unlock new track pieces, complete missions, and confront electrifying surprises around each and every turn.

In addition to traversing the auto-generated race track, the fast-paced gaming experience includes a number of fun features, such as:

·         Intuitive swipe, tap, and jump controls
·         Rewarding battle missions
·         A wide-range of different tracks and Nano V2 elements to explore and unlock as you play
·         The ability to steal battery life and take down HEXBUGs blocking your path by bumping them aside or ramming them off the track

HEXBUG Havoc players can access the app through Game Center, challenge their friends, and post their scores to Facebook and Twitter. HEXBUG Havoc can be played on any of the following devices: iPhone (4 or later), iPad (2 or later), iPad Mini, and iPod Touch (4 or later).

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