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I was asked to share my thoughts on the animated series Toopy and Binoo. I received items to facilitate this review. 

When it comes to children's series, both kids and parents needs to be entertained. Kids want whimsical and fun, while parents want a purpose behind the entertainment. Toopy and Binoo, an animated series from Canada satisfies the wants of the whole family.

This series has two characters, Toopy and Binoo. Toopy, the mouse with a vivid imagination, believes that the world is magical. He can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. His constant companion is Binoo, the little cat. Binoo never says a word, but shares his enthusiasm for the creative world around them. 

As a series for pre-schoolers ages 2 to 6, Toopy and Binoo share funny adventures in an age appropriate way. Weaved into the fun, the characters teach children important skills, like creative thinking, good manners and the importance of friendship. Kids are enjoying the story that they don't fight the learning aspects behind the story.

The primary focus of many of these episodes is the use of imagination. Developing a child's creative thinking is important as they enter school. The two characters see the same world differently and react to the world they see. From being whimsical and light-hearted to logical, kids can relate to the differences and hopefully be encouraged to imagine in their lives.

To see some of the episodes for yourself, visit the Toopy and Binoo YouTube Channel, The YouTube channels features more than 100 full, five minute episodes.

With the vast collection of videos and the short length, the Toopy and Binoo videos are great for traveling. A long road trip won't be boring with a bunch of funny and endearing videos. Another option is a quick diversion while parents are cooking dinner. There are many options where these quick, entertaining, creative videos can make time fly. 

More information on Toopy and Binoo can be found on its YouTube channel, Twitter account and Facebook page

Next time the kids ask to watch a video, try a new series that promotes creativity and imagination. Check out Toopy and Binoo on its YouTube Channel. You might spend the afternoon laughing. 

Disclosure: I received some products in exchange for publishing this post. All opinions are my own.

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