Kantek tablet stand, versatility and function - review

Tablets have become a common piece of our daily lives. From checking email to watching movies, our tablets perform a variety of functions. While a case can protect these important devices from damage, these cases may not function well as a stand. The Kantek tablet stand offers function and versatility in a single device.

Here are the specs for the stand

  • Kantek Stand for 7-10 Inch Tablets
  • Provides easy hands-free access to your tablet.
  • Rotate, angle, and swivel your tablet for optimum viewing in landscape or portrait position.
  • Weighted swivel base provides excellent support.

What I like about this stand is that it works with a variety of tablets and sizes. Often I use my tablet in the kitchen when cooking. The Kantek holds my tablet securely. Plus, it is far enough off the surface to stay safe from all the chopping, dicing and prep.

Another great use for the Kantek stand is for watching movies. The kids can fight over who is holding the tablet and who can see better. With the stand, no one has to hold the tablet and the fighting is over.

The Kantek Stand retails for $39.00 on Shoplet.com.

Disclosure: I received this item to review. All opinions are my own.

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