Pointing Fingers, the game of who did what - review/giveaway

I've told my kids time and time again, don't point fingers. But in the new Hasbro game Pointing Fingers, everyone is having fun pointing with the big foam fingers. 

The premise of this new family game night option is to learn a little more about your family and friends. For example, maybe you know that your dad played soccer in college but did you know he was one chased by a grizzly bear?  

Each player wears an over-sized foam finger. A question is read from the deck. The questions range from silly like have you ever sleepwalked to more disturbing, like have you eaten food off the floor. The players vote on which person is most likely to have done the scenario and point their foam fingers. 

The fun about this game is the unlikely scenarios. The questions fall into two categories, would you ever or have you ever.  Some examples include would you ever swap your own family for a TV family? (that got a great response over the holidays) or would you go dumpster diving? The other questions or have you ever gone streaking to have you ever cleaned vomit out of a car (what mom hasn't) can be extremely revealing. Overall, this game is a fun, engaging way to learn more about friends and family. It is light-hearted and brings out many laughs. 

Pointing Fingers is produced by Hasbro. It retails for approximately $14.99 at many retailers or online at the Hasbro website

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Disclosure: I received this game to review and to giveaway. All opinions are my own.  


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