Dream big with a personalized princess book

Some little girls love the idea of playing dress up. They want to have on a beautiful gown with a crown of jewels as they walk around their kingdoms. (Or just their bedrooms) When the time comes to purchase a gift for your princess, there are lots of different items to choose from. While more dress up clothes or another pair of sparkly shoes is the first thing that comes to mind, there are other ways to make her feel like royalty. Here are three personalized gifts fit for a queen. (Or a princess)

1. A Personalized Princess Book – What little girl doesn’t want to be the main character in her own royal story? This type of book allows the gift giver to do more than just add a little girl’s name. It is also possible to choose a character that looks like the little princess and other details are also inserted into the book like her birthday and even her favorite colors.

2. A Personalized Lunch Box – Even the fairest princess in the land needs to take a break to enjoy a meal. Her lunch box will include her name, ensuring that all her royal subjects are aware of her presence when she sits down to the table.

3. Personalized Wall Art – Many little girls that love to play princess also choose to decorate their room in royal style. Aside from including her name, the wall art can also feature a princess that looks just like your little princess, complete with gown in her favorite color.

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