Jamie Anderson, Snowboard Slopestyle athlete getting ready for Sochi OIympics

Our family loves watching the USA athletes competing in the Olympics. Watching the television commercials with athletes and families gets us excited in the Games.

In a short period of time, the torch will be lit at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. For the first time, Snowboard Slopestyle will debut at the 22nd Winter Olympics. US Snowboarder, Jamie Anderson shared her thoughts on snowboarding, women in sports and the building excitement to the games.

Below is an expert from an interview with Jamie Anderson.  

What is it like being a woman in professional sports?
It’s amazing. I actually have five sisters and two brothers, but we were all very active growing up. To find my profession as a snowboarder in a fairly male dominated sport has been very empowering and very cool to experience.

Snowboard Slopestyle is a new sport debuting for the first time in the 2014
Olympics – what does it mean to you to have the sport recognized?
It means a lot to me. I grew up riding all kinds of events in snowboarding, but slopestyle was always my favorite. It’s very different than else. It’s very creative. It’s always changing – the course or the park. It kind of relates to a skate park on the mountain. There are different features. There are jumps, rails, etc. You get to just go through and choose your own line and try to be as creative as possible. It’s a really fun, inspiring event

Can you tell us how your training for Sochi is going?
For myself, I grew up snowboarding and it’s my number one passion. I just love being out there, so it was a little bit of a natural thing for me. Some of the cross training I do is mountain biking, long boarding, paddle boarding. I work out with a trainer in the off-season and overall try to stay balanced and healthy.

How did this sport finally get recognized by the Olympic Games to be included in the Olympics this year?
I think that the sport is just so fun, entertaining and awesome to watch, I was kind of surprised it wasn’t always included with the Olympics. So when the talk came about a few years ago, I kind of had a feeling that they would most likely add it, but it was kind of a matter of how long. And they added it, actually, very quickly. I remember it was about two years ago when I found out or maybe less and me and my family and everyone was just so excited.

I understand you have a new partnership – can you tell us about that?
I’m working with Nintendo for their new Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games for the Wii U. It’s going to be released November 15. I really enjoy playing the snowboard slopestyle. You can play with a gamepad. It’s really fun and easy for anyone to connect with. You feel like you’re actually on the mountain about to drop in to the Olympics. So you are going to get a different feel and vibration for a lot of the sports that are going to be in the Olympics. If you want to follow up on any of the games, you can go to olympicvideogames.com.


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