Help your hands with Master Caster - review

In the cold of winter, my hands take a beating. Going from hot to cold and too many hours typing away on the computer, I long for a relaxing manicure. Since my free time for a manicure is limited, I'm looking for products to help my tired hands.

Master Caster offers a variety of products that help the tired hands in an office setting. If you spend hours and hours using a mouse, you know that sometimes your wrist hurts. The Rolling Wrist Rest provides soft foam padding that supports your wrist. The rolling component allows the user to go from mouse to keyboard and back without lifting your wrist. It is ergonomically designed to help reduce joint stress. This product retails for approximately $9.99.

When you live in cold climate, gloves are a necessity. The downside is that gloves and smartphones aren't a good combination. Master Caster has Microfiber gloves that work well with any touchscreen device. Any finger on these gloves works. Plus, use the palm of your hand to clean the touchscreen. No more removing your gloves to text. This product retails for approximately $6.96. 

With all the coats, bags and boots, your furniture can take a beating. A furniture touch up kit  can take away those scratches. These convenient pens instantly correct the dings and dents. No one will know that your furniture has taken a beating.This product retails for approximately $9.32.

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Disclosure: I received these products to review. All opinions are my own.

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