Bring Mario off the console and into your playroom - K'Nex Mario Bowser's Castle - review

Mario has become one of the most popular characters for children. From the cartoons to the video games, many families have one or more Mario products in their homes. It is time to bring Mario and his friends off the screen and into your playroom with Super Mario 3D Land Bowser's Castle by K'NEX.

If you are familiar with the Mario video games, Bowser's Castle is usually the final area where Mario tries to defeat Bowser and rescue Princess Peach. K'NEX. Do you have the skill and knowledge to defeat Bowser?  Make it happen when you build Bowser's Castle.

The K'NEX Bowser's Castle has all the fun features direct from the video game. One new feature is the jump disk. This item allows Mario to run and jump just like he does in the game. Whether he's launching himself into the action or raising the flag in victory, Mario will rescue Princess Peach!

A few obstacles block Mario's path. From the spinning fire bars to moving platforms, each level offers a new challenge. Once Mario finds Bowser's hiding place, he can use the jump launcher to knock him down. In the end, Mario will save Princess Peach and raise the flag in victory.

The adventure that Mario takes is totally up to the kids. Maybe one time Mario succeeds and maybe another outcome is that Princess Peach saves herself. It's your adventure and your imagination. The building set gives players more flexibility than the video game. 

Bowser's Castle comes with the following:

  • Buildable course inspired by Super Mario™ 3D Land

  • Includes new jump disk and launcher

  • Buildable Mario figure

  • Buildable Bowser figure

  • Buildable Princess Peach figure

  • Battery-powered motor spins Draglet figure and Fire Bars

  • Track slider, moving Fire Balls and moving platforms also included

  • Collect the coins and hit the mystery box

  • Includes warp pipes and pop-up goal flag

  • EXCLUSIVE to this set: Draglet, Bowser's Castle Entrance Gate

  • Ages 8+

    K'NEX Super Mario 3D Land retails for $99.99. It can be purchased at the K'NEX website or Toys R Us. 

    Disclosure: I received this item to review. All opinions are my own.


    1. We loved building this! And we love everything Mario!

    2. Oh man, this would be perfect for my boys! They love K'nex and they love mario!!

    3. This looks like so much fun. I have never seen a toy with spinning fire bars before.

    4. This looks like such a fun toy! Perfect for the kids!

    5. This looks like a toy that would have kept my son occupied for hours on end.

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