Be a professional prankster, Fifty Pranks to Freak Your Friends - review, Holiday Gift Guide

With the holiday shopping season here, Reeves International provided my family with toys to review. All opinions are my own.

Kids love to laugh and pull pranks. From the slumber party jokes to the carpool shenanigans, pulling the wool over a friend's eyes can be hilarious. Expand your repertoire and become the supreme prankster with Fifty Pranks to Freak Your Friends, by Marvin's Magic.

 Fifty Pranks to Freak Your Friends is a set of special props and instructions to perform fifty practical jokes and stunts.These easy to perform tricks will get everyone shrieking with laughter.

My kids enjoy making each other laugh. From the silly bodily humor jokes to the silly phrases, kids can enjoy the idea of making fun. With this activity kit, the kids were given permission to do the outrageous and not get in trouble.

Most of the pranks are easy to follow and require little effort, but some practice. While the kids loved the idea of the cup in the water trick or the spilled coffee, they did tire of cleaning up the mess. Other props were great to pull on friends during carpool and didn't have the "spill" factor.

This game is produced by Marvin's Magic. This company offers a wide variety of magic, illusion and trick items.

Fifty Pranks to Freak Your Friends can be purchased from Reeves International website for $25.00.

Disclosure: I received this item to review. All opinions are my own.