Salted caramel popcorn, fall flavors mixed with JollyTime popcorn - review

In our house, we enjoy a lot of popcorn. From the quick microwave version to air popped kernels, popcorn is a fun snack, movie night favorite or lunch sides. JollyTime offers a wide selection of popcorn. From classic kernels to Smart Balance calorie conscious options, this brand offers a variety for everyone in the house. 
During the fall, our family loves fall flavors, especially caramel. From caramel apples to caramel infused lattes, we can't get enough of this creamy, sweet goodness. As a special treat for our movie night, I decided to make salted caramel popcorn. 

The sweetness of caramel can be complimented with a little salt. The addition of salt makes anything sweet taste a little sweeter. Since I love salted caramel cake, I thought this popcorn idea would be fun. 

An easy and calorie friendly way to make this treat is the following. 

JollyTime Smart Balance snack size 100 calorie microwave packs
2 Werther's caramel baking squares
1 tablespoon of milk
A dash of sea salt, kosher salt or other coarse salt

Cook the popcorn according to directions
Pour popped popcorn into a large bowl
In a microwave safe bowl place 2 Werther's baking caramels and tablespoon of milk
Heat in microwave for approximately 30 seconds
Remove caramel mix from microwave and stir until blended 
Drizzle caramel over popcorn
Sprinkle with salt

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What will be your next popcorn treat with JollyTime?

Disclosure: I received popcorn to try and to giveaway from the sponsor. All statements, recipes and opinions are my own. 


  1. We enjoy a bowl of popcorn when we're watching a DVD.

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  3. Yum! Popcorn is mine and my daughter's favorite snack to munch on together.

  4. Favorite of the hubby, I eat popcorn every few weeks, lately we have been eating caramel popcorn, been a favorite with kids.

  5. We love to have popcorn during football games!
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  6. We love popcorn while watching t.v.

  7. We enjoy popcorn at all times, but especially while watching movies together.

  8. We enjoy popcorn about three times a week when we are spending quality family time

  9. Just about anytime that they want yo snack on something.

  10. Usually when we sit down to watch a movie.
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