Liquid Amino Diet, commit to healthy eating and lifestyle, review

Once a year (usually around my birthday), I take stock in my lifestyle. From how much I workout and what I eat, I need to take stock in my lifestyle. The old adage, you are what you eat, stands the test of time. If I eat tons of sugar and processed foods,  my body can't look and perform at its best. While the expanding waistline is a visual sign, the overall impact on myself can't be overlooked. I ready to make a change for a better me. It is time to try the Liquid Amino Diet.

What is the Liquid Amino Diet?  It is a lifestyle plan that helps users get to a healthier life. The diet focuses on a low glycemic index. By combining the best foods with supplements, the goal is to increase metabolism and mobilize abnormal body fat.

During this diet, the focus is to remove foods that cause a spike in insulin response. This lifestyle plan incorporates real food like chicken, fish, vegetables and lots of fruit. Followers focus on balance. It isn't about the least amount of calories a day; it is about the right calories a day. The correlation to right calories and supplement create results.

To get ready for this journey, the first step is to prepare for the process. Since my body will be detoxing (getting ready of all the sugars), it is helpful to increase healthy fat intake. This scenario means increasing foods like eggs, diary and nuts. After preparation, I can be ready to detoxify my body from the sugar and processed carbohydrates.

Since I need my morning workouts (I find my time on the treadmill a complete stress relief), my plan will be slightly different. By working out, I will need to consume a few more calories to offset the activity. Still I will focus on getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, eating five small meals, and eating lots of fruits and vegetables.

Overall, the concept is clear. The goal is to follow the program. If you can't commit to the rules, this program might be a good fit. But, if you are willing to make a change in your lifestyle, the Liquid Amino Diet stands by its impressive results.

Are you ready to take the plunge?

Disclosure: I received a Liquid Amino Diet supplement and dietary guide to review. All opinions are my own.

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