Keep germs away during cold and flu season with Medline products - review

As I sit and write this review, my house is a mess. Unfortunately, my kids caught some germ, bug, gross microbe that has erupted into the stomach flu. While I'm happy to have lots of crackers and ginger ale in the house, the deep cleaning will be next on the list. Unfortunately, the question becomes how could we have prevented the illness. One option lots of disinfecting products.

Medline offers a line of products that can help keep germs at bay. Cleansing Foam is a quick and easy way to kick the germs to the curb. We all know that kids put their hands on everything and had washing isn't as diligent as it should be. A quick pump of the foam and the germs are long gone.

While I need all the disinfectants, my hands often get dry with the products and washing. Items like a Nourishing Moisturizer or a Hydrating Moisturizer can help create a protective barrier on my skin. I like these items because my hands don't feel greasy, which is important when you write a lot.

Knowing that we have lots of kids and friends in and out of the house, I try to stock the bathroom with help items. From the disinfecting foams to the flush-able wipes, I hope that these items can help keep us all a little safer from cold and flu germs.

If you run an office or work outside of the home, ask your office supply person to stock up on these Medline products at Shoplet. While shopping for great priced office supplies, don't forget to keep everyone safe. Shoplet offers a wide variety of supplies, office stationary and even promotional shirts and other promotional products too!

Don't let cold and flu season put you down for the count. Fight the germs today.

Disclosure: I received some items to review. All opinions are my own.

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