It's Swap-tober! Skylanders Swap Force takes over Halloween

With Halloween just a few days away, kids are getting excited. No one wants to wear the same costume as his friend. This year make sure that your kids are unique and hip.

Earlier this month, Skylanders Swap Force was released. My kids were beyond excited to see this new addition to the Skylanders brand. What better Halloween costume than a Skylanders Swap Force one! 

Here are some suggestions for the hottest Halloween costume, Skylanders Swap Force.

Wash Buckler

What you need:

• Pirate hat

• Pirate sword

• Belt with a big buckle

• Four pairs of blue tights

• A few newspapers

After putting on your pirate gear, stuff the tights with scrunched up newspaper pages and attach them to your belt and TA DAH – you have eight octopus legs!

Freeze Blade

What you need:

• A pair of purple leggings

• A purple top

• Purple face paint

• A pair of swimming goggles

• Gold accessories

• Wash-out blue hair spray

Put on your purple clothing and paint your face with the purple face paint. Add the golden accessories, then spray your hair blue and slick it back to match Freeze Blade’s cool hair style!

Disclosure: I am working with Activision and Sklyanders on promotions. All opinions are my own.

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