Don't fight the mouthguard, protect your athlete with MoGo - review

As a mom of football players, we purchased a lot of mouth guards. During the season, the mouth guards get chewed on, bit, and otherwise destroyed. We have tried a variety of products. From the cheapest version to one with all the bells and whistles, the kids would fight to use the mouth guard. Seeking to help parents struggles, MoGo has created a mouth guard solution. 

MoGo believes that the best way for athletes to protect themselves from mouth trams is to properly wear their mouth guard in their mouth. MoGo's mission is to completely change the experience of wearing a mouth guard from a need to to a want to.

MoGo mouth guards offer the following:
Creates spacing between jaw bone and skull for additional protection
Protects teeth
Absorbs impact from blows to the jaw

More flavor located near the saliva glands
Flavor embedded into the EVA plastic so it lasts game after game
Quick release tether included
Airway channels enhance breath ability and performance

Geometric design for flexibility and comfort
Chambered inner walls to aid in secure fit after biting
Essential custom fit for maximum protection

Natural flavors, FDA compliant materials, BPA free, no latex
Five flavor options

One of the most important issues about mouth guard wear is proper fit. When the MoGo is worn correctly, the athlete will get maximum flavor. With this brand, the kids and I know that the mouth guard is in and worn correctly without a battle. So far, the boys haven't been called out by the ref for not wearing their mouth guards. They actually want to wear them. 

Since the kids are wearing (not chewing or destroying) the MoGo, I haven't had to replace the mouth guard. Being the money cautious parent, a single purchase for a season is important to me. With the kids enjoying wearing MoGo, they are more responsible with their gear. 

MoGo can be purchased online at the company's website

Disclosure: I received this product to review. All opinions are my own.


  1. It sounds like a great product! One that I am sure will be used by the kids playing sports in my house.

  2. My kids all play lots of sports and these would come in handy to take with us to the field. I will have to check them out.

  3. We haven't hit the full contact sports yet (he's only 4), but I know it's coming! I had no idea mouth guards could have flavor!

  4. What a neat idea for increasing the odds that its being worn correctly! Natural incentives are awesome.

  5. Awesome! We'll have to try this for our gymnastics meets!

  6. This is great for kids who do sports! It's so important to save their teeth, since it's the only set they get!