Goodbye impurities, hello radiant skin with ToiletTree Professional Skin Care System - review

Having healthy, radiant skin is a priority for me and many of my friends. With all the time spent outdoors, in the sun, and in the elements, my skin takes a beating. Of course, I cleanse, moisturize and use care. Still my skin and my skin routine could use a little lift.  I started using the ToiletTree Professional Skin Care System.

The ToiletTree Professional Skin Care System offers the rejuvenating spa like experience at home. For me, the best part about this system is the multiple attachments. From gently revitalizing my face to exfoliating away with a pumice stone on my feet, one easy to use system does it all.

Personally, I like that this system can be used in the shower. As a busy mom, my uninterrupted time in the shower can be finite. By using the ToiletTree Skin Care System in shower, I can streamline my skin care process but look better than ever.

The ToiletTree Professional Skin Care System, when added to a daily cleansing regimen, can help with the following:

  • Stimulate skin renewal
  • Improves overall skin clarity and appearance
  • Removes dead skin cells to expose healthier looking skin
  • Energies skin and leaves it smooth, soft and radiant
  • Cleans deep to help remove stubborn makeup
  • Enhances absorption of moisturizers
  • Water-resistant strap for convenient hanging and storage
  • Available in 6 colors: Pink, Purple, Green, Blue, Gray, and Black

The system comes with four attachments, a body brush, a soft face brush, a medium face brush and a pumice stone. Operating with 4 AA batteries, this device works is waterproof. It retails for $39.99.

If you are ready to wash away all the wear and tear on your skin, it is time to purchase the ToiletTree Professional Skin Care System today. Radiant, rejuvenated skin is just a scrub away.

Disclosure: I received this item to review. All opinions are my own.


  1. My daughter is driving me crazy to have one of these. I think you have helped me give in and get her one.

  2. this sounds like a wonderful system! Definitely a nice way to pamper your skin!

  3. I need to do this with my skin. I have been wanting to try one of these for a while now.

  4. I need one too! I love pampering myself!