Forget are we there yet - 52 things to do in the car app - review

If you have spent any time in a car with children, it can be a daunting experience. From the poking, fighting or bickering, anyone would want the trip to end quickly. How can a parent make the car trip more enjoyable without resorting to movies, electronic devices or powerful earplugs (just kidding).  The app 52 Things to Do in a Car is the answer.

52 Things to Do in the Car, from Oceanhouse Media, is the parents' solution to boredom on any car trip. From long rides to grandma's house to a traveling to the next soccer game, car rides can be more fun with an entertaining game.

I have this app installed on my iphone. Personally, I like the activities that involve thinking and creativity. One of my favorite game is Crack Up. The game is simple. First, think of a phrase, like Silly Salamanders or Purple Peanuts. Then each player takes a turn asking questions like - what is under your hat or what is your favorite football team?  The person must answer using the particular phrase without laughing, not even a smirk. If you make them laugh, that person is now it.

Another favorite is invention. All passengers pretend that they are inventors. Pick a common object like a laundry basket. Each person takes turns coming up with an unusual use for this object. For example, laundry basket helmet.

52 Things to Do in the Car can be purchased in the iTunes store for $0.99.

Disclosure: I received this app to review. All opinions are my own.