Football dirty gets tackled Purex UltraPacks with OXI - review/giveaway

In our house it is football season. I'm not talking the high paid professionals that everyone watches on Sunday. I mean the five feet tall, 80 pound little men that fight to get muddy. With little football men in the house, my laundry pile has become a tiresome load. I don't understand that the muddy, grassier, dirty your white football pants, the better. I definitely need Purex UltraPacks with OXI!
Purex UltraPacks with OXI combine the convenience of easy to use Purex UltraPacks with the stain fighting power of Oxi. This formula can fight over 101 of your tough stains. The concentrated DirtLift Action formula as 2X the cleaning power in every drop. Plus, Purex offers a great for your hard earned dollars. Now my family's laundry is clean and I'm saving money with each load.
I have two reasons that I love Purex UltraPacks with OXI. First, the UltraPacks are super convenient. I don't have to measure, pour or make a mess in the laundry room. I throw a pack into the washer with the dirty clothes. It makes laundry easy.
Second, the fighting power of the Purex UltraPacks with OXI is amazing. If you have ever seen white football pants after a game, those pants are gross. Grass stains, dirt and general boys ick make them beyond dirty. With the UltraPacks, these pants come out of the wash sparkling clean. The dingy pants are gone. It looks like they are ready for picture day.
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Disclosure: I am a Purex insider. I received this product to review and to giveaway. All opinions are my own.  


  1. My pillows and blankets that I had stored for winter.

  2. My stale Sweaters and Sweatshirts! They need to be spruced up with Purex oxy!

  3. Scott's t-shirts need Purex Oxi Clean.

  4. Another item that needs purex oxi clean is my dogs bed

  5. My husband's clothes, they're gross!

    Maggie Armstrong
    maggie at pdclarion dot com

  6. My clothes needs purex with oxi clean.

  7. Ok....Well, I always wear what I matter how hard I try, I always get food on my shirts...I need this to get those darn stains out...and it's frustrating to have to ditch new clothes in the garbage because they are all stained up and I look like I come from Bum ____ Egypt.
    Ann B.
    ababe28 at hotmail dot com

  8. Definitely my hubbys work shirts and pants-that guy is so filthy when he comes home from work!