Time running out for breakfast? Get BFAST, nutritious breakfast shake - review

When I leave the house at 5 am for my morning workout, I not getting up 20 minutes earlier so that I can have breakfast. Sleep is more important to me. But I know that I need a good source of fuel to maintain my energy throughout the workout. I've found a great grab and go solution with BFAST

BFAST is a new breakfast shake from General Mills. The company describes it as the get it done chugable breakfast shake, which contains the nutrition of a bowl of cereal and milk. With 8 G protein, 8 g whole grain and 3 g of fiber, this shelf stable drinkable breakfast shake is the quick breakfast solution. 

This breakfast shake is available in three flavors, chocolate, vanilla and berry. The shakes are available singles (8 oz size) for $1.79 or 3-packs for $4.49.  It can be found in the breakfast aisle. For more information on this product or where to buy it, please visit www.bfastshake.com

Personally I like the chocolate variety. It tastes like my favorite chocolate milk. I have tried other breakfast shakes and I find them heavy and chalky. The BFAST is light, flavorful and has no after taste. 

More more excuses for missing a well balanced breakfast. Stock your shelves with BFAST and start your day running. 

Disclosure: I received this item to try at a MomSelect party. All opinions are my own.

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