Sun protection extends well beyong summer vacation

During the fun of summer vacation, parents and kids are diligent about sun protection. It could be the lazy days by the pool or playing in the park that have everyone spraying, slathering and protecting themselves from the dangers of sunburn. Sun protection doesn't end with the school bell rings. Keep your kids and yourself protected all year round.

Coppertone wants to educate families and schools on the importance of sun safety at school. While every school has its own rules and regulations, introducing your children to the importance of sun safety is key. Coppertone suggests the following ideas to make sun-smart habits a priority during the school day.

Get the facts: Ask the school administrator and/or school district on its sunscreen policies. Every school is different, but knowing what your family's sun protection options can help create a plan for your family.

Take Action: Does your school have a sunscreen-application program?  If you school allows sunscreen to be kept in the nurse's office, how and when can your child apply it before outdoor activities. Develop a written course of action that everyone can follow.

Be Prepared: Like the motto says, being prepared is key. Making daily sunscreen application a part of your morning routine will become second nature. Even on the cloudy days, sunscreen and protective clothing is a must.

Talk to Your Kids: Educate your children on sun savvy behavior. From drinking plenty of water to seeking shaded areas, outdoor activities can be more enjoyable when everyone understands the effect of sun exposure.

Stay Connected: Consider raising the subject of sun protection at the next PTO meeting, parent-teacher conference or meeting with your school administrator. A sun-smart school environment is beneficial to everyone.

These are just a few of the topics to discuss as the school year begins. For more information on family sun protection, please visit the Coppertone website.

Sun protection isn't just a summer issue. Stay protected all year with sun savvy behavior.

Disclosure: I am a Coppertone Mom. I have received samples of this product to share with others. All opinions are my own.

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