It's all about the three Bs at Pinstripes, Bowling, Bocce and Bistro - review

During Summer vacation, I have been asked by companies to visit their establishments to share my experiences. Recently, the kids and I had a day out this week at Pinstripes

When it comes to family time, sometimes the kids and I don't agree. Kids want to have fun, play games and indulge. Since I am getting old (not really, but my tastes have changed), I prefer my fun and indulgences with a little more subtlety. The perfect balance is Pinstripes. 

Pinstripes is the place for bowling, bocce and bistro. While bowling is always a family favorite, bocce can be a new experience for little ones. This game of skill and placement can cause laughter amongst the kids. 

This week the boys and I played a competitive game of bocce at Pinstripes in Oakbrook. After our gracious server explained the game, showed us some moves, and wished us luck, we got to play some competitive bocce. 

If you are unfamiliar with bocce, it is a game of ball placement. The person  closest to the pinolla (a small silver ball) gains a point. The first to seven points wins. But, remember, do not hit the back board because that action causes your ball to be out. 

Our games of bocce had a little bit of a learning curve. At first, balls were thrown with force and many balls were out. With practice, the boys were able to score several points (although I was the supreme winner). Most importantly, it was a day of fun, laughter and family time that has us enjoying our company. 

After our rousting game, we enjoyed a delightful Italian inspired. Lunch in the bistro. This menu is definitely not the boring bar food. These dishes are flavorful yet not heavy. With a starter of mint pesto and house bread, the pesto awakens your palate to the flavors that awaits. Personally, I had a chicken salad sandwich that was bright yet had a little punch. It was a perfect meal after bocce. 

The kids meals are wonderful. For $8, kids get a starter, entree, desert and drink. The boys loved the mini burger with fries. But, their favorite was the dessert of root beer float. 

Throughout the week, Pinstripes offers a variety of Pintastic Features. Sense special include bottomless salad and spaghetti and meatball on Sunday, mom and tots weekday bowling specials, and half price appetizers on select nights. For a full list of daily specials, please check the Pinstripes website.

Pinstripes has three locations in Illinois, including Oakbrook, Northbrook and South Barrington. 

Next time the kids want to have a fun day of gaming, ditch the neon and lights, go for sophisticated fun at Pinstripes. 

Disclosure: My family received free bocce and lunch at Pinstripes. All statements are my honey opinion and have not been influenced by any person or entity. 


  1. This sounds like a fun day out. My son would have so much fun here!

  2. How fun! We love playing Bocce at home. I didn't know there were actually places you could go and play.

  3. Sounds like a fun time! I've never played bocce but have heard it can be fun. I like bowling.

  4. Sounds like a fun place to go!