Giving a boost to my low energy levels - Elev8 review

Anyone who has a busy lifestyle knows keeping energy levels high is imperative. As a busy mom, I try to grab a workout when there is an opportunity. If my energy is low, the last thing that I want to do is go for a run. Finding a way to get a quick, safe boost would be great. 

Since I always have a bottle of water with me, I was anxious try to try a supplement that can be added to my water. From the health food supplement provider, Pure Fitness Nutrition, I was offered the opportunity to try Elev8.  This supplement is pre-workout supplement that can give women a boost before their workout. 
Elev8, in wild blueberry, contains the following ingredients to help boost energy, promote weight loss and maintain endurance.

  • Pure Caffeine Anhydrous (250g)/ Bee Pollen Extract Blend
  • Pure Caffeine Anhydrous - which is a powerful psychoactive stimulant* Caffeine has
    the ability to stimulate the central nervous system and can ward off fatigue and help
    promote increased alertness and energy levels*.
  • Bee Pollen Extract – It is a natural non-stimulant energy booster, it does not make a
    significant impact on your training but works in the background allowing you not to
    crash after your energy levels are elevated during an intense training session*. Bee
    Pollen can provide the body with great necessary vitamins and minerals.
  • Yohimbine Bark – comes from West Africa, and is developed from Pasuinystalia
    Yohimbe tree. According to studies, Yohimbine Bark may help trigger fat loss in
    athletes*. Yohimbine appears to have the ability to dilate blood vessels that can help
    significantly improve weight loss while promoting an increase in athletic performance*.
  • Red Maca Root – Is a known ancient plant grown in Peru. Another name it is referred
    to is Lepidium Meenni. Many individuals that have used this have experienced increases
    in stamina possibly by the ability of this plant to stabilize the blood sugar levels. The
    stabilization of blood sugar levels based on the strengthening of the adrenals from
    consuming red Maca root means there will be more readily available energy to use
    during training. Red Maca is an amazing ingredient that allows athletes to train longer
    harder, and better.

The drink was easy to use. I could pour the powder in my water bottle, shake and go. The flavor was pleasant. The best part was that it didn't have a super sweet aftertaste. No one wants a bad taste in her mouth during a workout. It can be distracting. 
The best part was that I did feel that I had more energy, but I didn't get jittery. I often avoid energy drinks because I don't like the too much caffeine effect. This drink gave me a boost without the side-effects or the crash.  Overall, I would consider keeping this supplement in the house. 

Elev8 for her is available from Pure Fitness Nutrition. Please visit their website to purchase or for additional information. 

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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