What's your passion, It's time to #GiveACup

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Have you ever noticed that there are certain people, beliefs or even things that you will vehemently defend. There is no grey area. It is clear - it matters to you. So, what do you Give a Cup?

This summer has been incredibly busy. As a mom of swimmers who helps run the swim team, I am always around a pool. I believe that families and kids should be aware of swim safety. I know that every person who comes to a pool won't be able to swim an IM or 100 Fly, but they should be aware of the fun and danger of the water. But, please don't use a life jacket as a substitute for water safety.

Before everyone gets up in arms about my statement, there is a real purpose behind my - #GiveACup. I have watched to many parents put kids in a life jacket and let a small child jump into the deep end of a pool. The parent walks away to chat, read a book or otherwise not supervise the child. If that life jacket slips off, could that child swim, would that child be safe, or would there be a crisis at the pool. Simple techniques can help a child be comfortable in the pool as well as be safe. More importantly, parent supervision is key to any pool safety.

When people ask me what I Give a Cup about this summer it's no life jackets while swimming at the pool Keep those life jackets on the watercraft and teach your kids the importance of water safety at the pool.

So what do you give a cup about?  Peet's Coffee wants you to join  the internet's first social sampling experiment.  At giveacup.com, everyone can voice his or her opinion about a particular subject. Each week there will be a different subject where your opinion will be counted. 

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So what do you give a cup?  Let your voice be heard this summer. 

Disclosure: I wrote this post as part of a campaign for Pete's Coffee. All opinions are my own.


  1. Oooh, these look delicious! I agree with you that lifejackets are incredibly important. That's a great passion to have!

  2. I'm sensitive about swim safety too. One thing that scares me is I see parents with young children who use the life jackets but don't use the under the leg strap, o then the lifejacket rubs up the childrens shoulders. As a kid, one completely slipped off of me (and it was the right size for my weight!) and thankfully an adult was nearby to grab me or whatever but that leg strap is sooo important and so many people leave it off just because its inconvenient.

  3. I agree! A life jacket is not a substitution for supervision! I wish more parents felt this way.

  4. Totally agree. I think having life jackets is good but no substitute to watching the kids.