Back to School shopping is fun with help from Kmart

Even as summer comes to a close, kids don't want to talk about back to school. It's hard to think about books, studying and spending the day inside when there is so much fun still to be had. 
Kmart makes Back to School fun and easy. Here are some pros and cons of Back to School Shoping at Kmart. 

The pros of shopping Kmart Back To School
- You might be voted Most Likely to Succeed AND Most Popular 
- You’ll be so happy, you could break out in song at any moment
- The hallway in school will feel more like a fashion runway
- You can earn points on style & redeem them on after school fun (that video game, perhaps?)

The cons of shopping Kmart Back To School (ok, these aren’t really ‘cons’)
- You’ll have to watch out for the paparazzi trying to snap photos of your trendy style
- Non-stop questions asking where you got your clothes
- Feeling bad for students who overpaid for their back to school style

Take a look at what is sure to be the video of the year & get ready to rule the school:

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