The must have essential item for family summer travel - the emergency bag

With the kids out of school on summer vacation, families are getting ready for the big summer trip. Whether your family are experienced travelers or will be taking your first trip, there is one item that should be on your must pack list, the emergency bag. 

The emergency bag can be different for every family.  In our house, we have a specific name for it because it is the phrase that we say when the bag becomes necessary.  (I'm not writing the name here because it could be offensive, lets say it rhymes with oh pit). For car travel, air travel of even a long day day trip, this bag can help in many of life's messes. 

Here is what we have in our emergency bag. 
One change of clothes
Several plain white towels (like a shop towel)
A few garbage bags or grocery bags
A bottle of water
A roll of paper towels
Medicine kit including Dramamine, acetaminophen/ibuprofen, anti-bacterial ointment, antihistamines

Our emergency kit was created after a few mishaps on family trips. When my son was small, he suffered from motion sickness. Less than 45 minutes into a trip, we would be pulling over to clean up the mess. There is nothing worse than a bad smell lingering in your car for hours on end. 

Every family has a few must have items for their travels. Do you have a must have item that makes traveling easier?  Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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