Stylish modular storage works in every room

A clean, modern office space speaks to an organized professional. A cluttered desk can speak volumes.  Why should the office be the only place to benefit from organization? Modular storage doesn't have to be just for the office. Playrooms, children's rooms and even the mud room can benefit from modular storage. 

Here are some cube organizers that can solve many of your home storage problems. 

Whether you have lots of highlighters, pens or race cars, this x-design cube can group together like items in an easy way. The x-design allows the user to organizer the items in various ways. From color to size, the user can keep everything in its place. The cube is 6x6x6 inches with four inner compartments. It can be stacked with other Deflect-o cubes. This version retails for $11.10. 

Sometimes you want to keep items under wraps or in a drawer. This two drawer organizer allows the user to tuck away the flash drives, reciepts or small armymen. This organizer can be stacked with other Deflect-o cubes. The size is 6x7x6. it is made of clear plastic and retails for $14.85. 

Sometimes items are an awkward size and won't fit in a drawer. Neatly stack those items in the Deflect-o Desk Cube. From stacking paper to action figures, this sleek cube can contain all your clutter. The cube is 6x6x6 and retails for $7.64.

I like to think outside of the box. I like using these office supply cubes for kids' storage because they are both durable and cost effective. Other modular storage options can make a large dent in the bank account. With these transparent plastic cubes, the kids can enjoy using their items, yet still responsibly put them away afterward. 

As the kids get older, these cubes can grow into school supply holders. Being able to re-purpose an item is a great budget saver. There is no need to buy more items when a single item can be used in multiple ways. 

Next time your home needs a storage solution, think outside of the box. Consider modular storage from an office supply company like Shoplet and your problem could be solved. 

Disclosure: I received these products to review. All opinions are my own.

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