Keep moving and grooving on your next family road trip

Gathering everyone together for multiple hours in the car can be a test in patience. Dad wants to listen to 80s hair bands, mom wants love songs and the kids want to hear something with a hypnotic beat. While headphones for all is an option, it doesn't allow everyone to enjoy the time toegher. Why not get some family friendly music that will make the hours driving by the countryside just fly by.

Here are some suggestions that keep the kids and adults clapping, singing and groovy throughout the drive. 

Whether your family is heading to the beach or the pool, the family will be ready for a water adventure with these aquatic tunes. Deep Sea Diver is an ocean themed recording set in a submarine which ends up shipwrecked on the beach of a lost island. From infectious beats to the catchy lyrics, everyone will be filled with energy during the road trip. 

Melody and rhythm can be found in a myriad of places. This percussion ensemble weaves a variety of instruments into a collaborative African Diaspora. The heart of this band's musical projects is the concept of body music. Likely the first music on the planet, clapping, slapping and singing express musical ideas. Combining body music with traditional instruments creates a coloration that can cross cultures. 

If you suggested to your kids, why not the classical music station. The kids might protest, whine or otherwise voice their displeasure. With Whatever I Want to Be, the traditional classical music is transformed into a song that kids will want to hear over and over. 

What are some of your family's favorite road tunes?  Make a suggestion to add to the summer road trip playlist. 

Disclosure: I received these items to review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. wow this is sych a great idea for summer road trips thank you

  2. Great tips! Thanks :) We will be doing a lot more traveling with our kids this summer.