Jockey-bra boutique to open at Woodfield Mall

While many women enjoy shopping, shopping for a bra can be tiresome. The bunching, riding, pinching and drooping aspects are not a pleasant experience. As women, we deserve more. The new Jockey-bra boutique store at Woodfield Mall is the answer to our bra problems.

This new store is more than an old lady with a tape measure. The Jockey sizing system features volumetric sizing. It replaces underwires with a 3-D Contour support and guarantees consistent sizing in styles that will not be discontinued.

Designed by women, for women, JOCKEY bra’s patented Volumetric Fit System replaces the 80-year-old alphanumeric sizing format. This revolutionary fit system measures both the volume of a woman’s breast, as well as her under-bust measurement, resulting in the closest thing to a custom-made bra. Jockey conducted eight years of research and development, including the 3-D scanning of more than 800 female bodies, to design JOCKEY bra, and now women have a bra that they will enjoy wearing every day.

It's time to stand up and be proud of our shapes. Jockey's Volumetric Fit System can give you a bra that you will love forever. Head over to the new store in Woodfield Mall to try the experience today.

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