Perfectly chilled wine and spirits with tempour by soireehome - #review

When planning the perfect dinner party or a congratulatory dinner, a celebratory bottle of wine or carefully crafted cocktail completes the event. With time is limited, serving the wine at the perfect temperature can be challenging. How can you chill the wine in a limited time?  A wine chiller can come to your entertaining rescue.

Soireehome offers a variety of wine and beverage housewares that enhance a perfect drink. The company seeks to provide innovative, unique, fun housewares that heighten the appreciation of food and beverage. Known for the soriee wine decanter, the latest addition to the line is the tempour.

The tempour is an all in one perfect pourer. This single device is a filter, chiller, pourer, stopper and enhancer. This 4-in-1 modular bar tool can produce a better flavor in the beverage. The gel filled chiller can be stored in your freezer. The device clicks together to used at a moment's notice. The tool fits in any bottle of wine, spirit or other beverage. From drip free pouring to a convenient stopper, serving yourself or guests a beverage has never been easier.

What I love about the tempour is that I can have my bottle of wine when I want it.  Whether a friend brings over a bottle to share or I picked up a great find at the store, I don't have to wait to enjoy a glass of wine. Personally, I dislike adding ice cubes to a glass for chilling, nor do I like putting a bottle of wine in the freezer. The tempour brings my wine to temperature without diluting or harming the flavor profile. Now I only need a second tempour for additional bottles.

The tempour can be purchased online for $40.  It is compatible with the soriee aerator. Soireehome offers other items including the dimple, the first self-chilling glassware, the tilt, a gourmet replacement for ice, and the stopair, an all-in-one bottle stopper and vacuum preserver. For more information on these products, please see the soireehome website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Enjoy your next glass of wine or spirit perfectly chilled with the tempouor.

Disclosure: I received this product to review. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by any person or entity.


  1. That's a cool product! Now I am thirsty! ;-)

  2. My Mom would love this for Mother's Day.

  3. Very cool product!! This would make a great Mother's Day gift!

  4. wow--that is a really cool thing to have on hand!!

  5. I agree! I hate adding ice to chill my wine. I would love to have one of these on hand!

  6. Wow! Since I"ve converted to being gluten free....I'm drinking mostly wine for my "spirits" :) This would be very nice to have.