No more lost cookies with the dipr - #review

There are few indulgences from my childhood that I love. The stack of Oreo cookies with a big glass of ice cold milk is one of them. After a long tennis practice or tough week at school, my mom would set out this special treat on the table. Those moments of dipping the cookies into my milk were perfect. The only thing that would ruin my moment was if I dropped my cookie into the milk. What a bummer. Now my kids don't have to worry about that cookie catastrophe happening to them. We have the dipr. 

The dipr is  the ultimate cookie spoon. The dipr is a spoon that holds your sandwich cookie while you dip it in milk or other liquid. The dipr cradles the cookie by the cream and prevents the cookie from crumbling when dunked.

The kids thought that this spoon is the ultimate fun toy. If I let them, the kids would have eaten dozens of cookies after dinner. The spoon is easy to use. It does work best with sandwich style cookies. I would recommend that every family member have a different color (to avoid arguments). 

In addition to the fun aspect, the dipr helps to eliminate the sticky finger issue when dipping cookies. Now everyone can dip away and enjoy. 

The dipr can be purchased online for just $2.95. There is an assortment of colors. 

Stop losing your cookies in the milk. Enjoy your cookie dipping experience with the dipr.   

Disclosure: I received this product to review. All opinions are my own.  

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  1. i need 4 of these dippers in my house--the boys and men love dipping their cookies!! thanks for sharing..