Mombo, the nursing pillow with more to love

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When you become a mom, friends, relatives and other moms share all type of products that are must haves. Everyone has a favorite product for a specific reason. It might be that a product will soothe your child. It might be the current trendy fashionable must have. No matter what the product is, the product has to work with you, your child and your family.

A new product introduced at Babies R Us and Toys R Us is the mombo. The mombo is a two sided nursing pillow. This design is call the Firm2Soft. It is the first pillow designed with two different sides.

One side is firm, which can be helpful while a mother nurses. During nursing, a mom wants the extra support. The other side is softer. This soft side is helpful during tummy time. The plush side allows a comfortable space for babies to lounge while growing.

In addition to the two sided technology, the Mombo offers a vibration feature. Sometimes the slight vibration can help comfort a baby. The comfortable pillow with vibration can provide a perfect spot for baby to sit, relax and be content. Mombo is the first nursing pillow to incorporate a vibration feature.

The mombo comes in the styles of standard, deluxe and nude. Slip covers are available in various colors and styles. Whether bold or conservative, you can find a style that fits your and your child's personality.

The Mombo can be purchased at Babies R Us and Toys R Us. Prices start at $29.99 with additional covers, designs and features going up from that price point.

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