Make Mother's Day brunch festive with color - Fiesta Dinnerware

Mother's Day is a day to pamper mom. Brunch seems to be a popular idea for mom to get a relaxing meal that she doesn't have to prepare. Since mom isn't in charge, dad and the kids might need to be a little creative. Of course, you can make reservations at her favorite restaurant, but a home cooked meal can show everyone put effort into the event.

Since paper plates are definitely not worthy of a mom-fantastic celebration, one easy, yet durable option is Fiesta Dinnerware.

Fiesta Dinnerware was designed by Frederick Hurten Rhead in 1936. It is one of the most collected china products in the world. This company is known for its bold, bright colors and superior durability.

With a variety of ages at the table, the dinnerware needs to be durable. Fiesta Dinnerware is ovenproof, microwave/dishwasher safe and is made in the USA. Most importantly the product offers a 5 year chip replacement warranty. So when the little one accidentally knocks over his bowl or grandma drops the plate in the dishwasher, you have confidence that your items will be safe. 

Even with all the high awards for craftsmanship, Fiesta Dinnerware is known for its bright, bold colors. When it comes to these pieces, the fun is mixing and matching colors.

For Mother's Day brunch, it could be fun to start with bright, feminine colors. Colors like flamingo, scarlet or even plum can appeal to mom. To make a bright, festive table, mom could have feminine colors while the men at the table had more subtle or masculine. The options are as broad as your imagination.

The Fiesta Dinnerware could be an easy way to incorporate a gift for mom too. Every year her gift could be a place setting, serving dish or other item to add to her collection. 

Also, each year Fiesta Dinnerware adds a new color to its collection. For 2013, the new color is Lapis. This rich, vibrant blue brings to mind the exotic gem of the same name. Adding a new serving bowl or platter in the latest color can be a centerpiece of a holiday table.

Fiesta Dinnerware is available for purchase at a variety of merchants.

Make your next special occasion come alive with color. Set the table with Fiesta Dinnerware.

Disclosure: I received information from Fiesta Dinnerware, but I did not receive any compensation for this post.

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