Imaginations run wild, RideMakerz Extreme Customs #review, MommyParties

I am always amazed by children's minds and how they create. My recollection of my childhood is that I was a rule follower. I colored inside the lines, followed the directions and different really break any of the perceived norms. Looking at my kids and their friends, I can see that I was in the minority. Kids want to explore, imagination and create their own way. With RideMakerz Extreme Customs, kids dream it and build it.

Recently, we had the opportunity to allow the neighborhood kids the chance to play with RideMakerz Extreme Customs. There is something to be said for little boys and their cars. These cars brought more than just smiles to their faces, these toys brought imagination. 

Each kit comes with the following: wheels, wings, engine blocks and spoilers. The car can be played in several modes including race, jacked, lifted and off-road. Basically, kids can mix, match and make it their own.

The boys had no problems putting together the cars on their own. I was very politely that they could follow the directions on their own (and they did). While the boys did like to race the cars and play with them, the biggest hit was the ability to change the car itself. From adding wings to new wheels, the car constantly changes. Long after the party, the boys enjoyed playing and modifying the cars.

What I would suggest is that you have a bag to keep all the extra parts. While the kids like to change the wheels, attachments and other customized parts, these little pieces can go missing. In our house each boy has a little bag to keep his car and the extra pieces. It is easier to keep everything together (and to reduce potential fighting).

RideMakerz Extreme Customs can be purchased at various retailers, including Target and Toys R Us. The toy retails for approximately $9.99 each.

Disclosure: I hosted a MomSelect party for this product. The guests were given this product and I was asked to publish a review. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by any person or entity.


  1. Thanks for the information. This would make an awesome birthday or Christmas present! Even great for buying and donating at Christmas time to Toys For Tots, if you don't have any special little boys to buy it for.

  2. I've never seen this toy. My nephew would love this.

  3. I have a few munchkins that would love this!