Entertaining made easy with Architec's Stackable Appetizer Maker - review

I have friends who are ultimate entertainers. From the immaculate house to the perfectly crafted appetizers, every detail to their event is picture perfect. I try to impress. But, I need simplicity. My food choices come with a little help from Costco or other establishment. I often pass off these store bought creations as my own. Granted, my guests would know my little fib, but I didn't think that there was an easy way to prepare gourmet appetizers at home. New there is with Architec's Stackable Appetizer Maker.

The Stackable Appetizer Maker is the solution to make exquisite, gourmet, multilayer, perfectly portioned bite-size appetizers in just 5 minutes. This fun, easy to use kitchen gadget comes with the main body, cut and carry base, a tamper to press dry layers, spreader/serrated knife and a cookbook with 40+ recipe suggestions. All four pieces snap together for easy storage.

I was given the opportunity to try the Stackable Appetizer Maker in my home. I wasn't quite confident in making savory appetizers, so I tried a few of the dessert recipes. After reviewing the recipe book, I settled on the Berry Cheesecake Stacks. Here's the recipe.

Pound cake sliced
Whipped cream cheese (slightly softened)
Strawberries and blackberries
Garnish: Berries and whipped cream

Simply layer the ingredients how you choose. I did two layers of each of the ingredients because I wanted my pound cake to be fluffy. Also, I would recommend that the cream cheese be easy spreadable. The desserts came out quite well and everyone enjoyed them. It results reminded me of the little cakes that I get from the French bakery. Plus, making these desserts at home was much less expensive than buying similar items from a store.

As I use the Stackable Appetizer Maker more, I become more confident in trying other recipes. The amount of layers and tampering becomes easier with practice. I would suggest fewer layers for guests to enjoy all the subtle flavors in your dish.

The Stackable Appetizer Maker by Architec can be purchased online at broadwaypanhandler.com. It retails for $19.99.

Impress your friends with appetizers that look professional, with the Stackable Appetizer Maker.

Disclosure: I received this product to review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. That is so cool! I really want to try it.

  2. Now that is something I think I would really like!

  3. This looks really fun to use and makes some nice looking recipes too! I'll have to check this out!