Do you prank your kids on April Fools?

Today is April 1, which means lots of April Fools Day pranks.

With two children in the house (last day of Spring Break), I wonder how or when I should prank them. The idea of laughing hysterically on the floor from a silly joke is entertaining. The question becomes, what type of joke would they think funny? 

With a quick search, I noticed that the majority of kid friendly pranks involve something that makes a mess. For example, putting a rubber-band on the sink sprayer (leaves me cleaning up a lot of water). Loosening the lid on salt and pepper shakers at dinner (lots of mess on the table). Add food coloring to a drink (not sure of the mess on that one).

Other pranks are more for an adult. One is ever popular positive pregnancy test (check Facebook today). Some people like toilet humor jokes (the floating candy bar in the toilet).

Which leaves me to the question, what are you doing for April Fools Day?  Leave me your suggestions below. Maybe I can use one later tonight after dinner. 

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