Cut the kitchen clutter with Casabella Chop ’n Prep Bamboo Cutting Surface with 4 Cutting Boards - review

In our house, I am trying to simplify our lives. I have taken that statement to mean, reduce the amount of items in our house. For example, our kitchen has lots of space, yet my cabinets are filled to the brim. Of course, there are many items that we use. For example cutting boards.

When it comes to cutting boards, just one cutting board isn't always the best practice. Cutting raw meats or vegetables on the same board as cooked food isn't ideal. C
ross-contamination can lead to getting people sick. Separate boards for vegetables, chicken, fish, meat, etc is a better option.

Having 4 or more full sized cutting boards in a cabinet creates a space issue. Silicone prep mats are smaller than a full sized traditional cutting board. The down side to these mats is storing them well. Casabella has a perfect solution to this scenario, the  Casabella Chop ’n Prep Bamboo Cutting Surface with 4 Cutting Boards.

The Casabella Chop ’n Prep Bamboo Cutting Surface with 4 Cutting Boards has four silicone boards for fish, meat, chicken and vegetables. Each board fits securely in the surface during use. Afterwards,  All four board store conveniently in the base of the bamboo chopping surface.

There are several reasons why I like this cutting board. First, the board has non-slip feet that keep it from moving during cooking prep. If you have ever slipped and damaged your counter-top while cutting vegetables, you may understand the importance of non-slip feet.

Personally, I really like the storage function of this board. Previously, I didn't like silicone boards because they would get scratched and damaged in my cabinets. Since all items are held in the bamboo board itself, I don't have to work about damage to the silicone boards.

More importantly, I have four cutting boards in the space of one. I have de-clutted my kitchen yet have the same amount of usefulness.

The  Casabella Chop ’n Prep Bamboo Cutting Surface with 4 Cutting Boards can be purchased at, Sur La Table and other retails. It retails for $34.95.

 Casabella creates fabulously designed cleaning and kitchen products you can feel good about. For more information on Casabella's products please visit the website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Disclosure:  I received this product to review. All opinions are my own.


  1. This looks like a great cutting board! Thanks for telling us about it!

  2. I am in need of a great cutting board set. This looks perfect.

  3. That is a cool cutting board! I like the different mats. You could use one for cutting meat, one for veggies, and so on without having to stop to scrub the board between each part of the meal. I can see it being a real time saver!

  4. Thanks for the information on the cutting board! I really love to cook and this would come in handy!

  5. I use my cutting board all the time. I need a new one so I'll be looking into this one! thanks.

  6. Oh what a great way to ease the clutter in the kitchen. I like that you have a board for each item!

  7. I use a couple of different boards for meats and veggies and they both take up a bunch of space in my cabinets. Love that it's an all in one + it would save me some cabinet space!!!