Are you ready to fire up your metabolism? Fast Metabolism Diet, #review

Everywhere we turn, someone is saying that we can look better, feel better or improve our lives in some fashion. The question on the table is whether you are willing to make the sacrifice to produce the change. If you are willing to put in the work and effort, you can rev up your metabolism. Crack open the Fast Metabolism Diet book and get reading.

The Fast Metabolism Diet by Haylie Pomroy is a plan where you can eat more food and lose more weight. For anyone who has tried dieting, this statement seems counter-intuitive. The common core to losing weight usually means that a person eats fewer calories and becomes more active. These two factors bring together a weight loss. (or so we've been told).

Recently, I had the opportunity to host a Mommy Party for the new book The Fast Metabolism Diet. Since a lot of my friends workout together, I thought that I would host my gathering during our weekly spin class. I gave everyone the book one Thursday and the following Thursday we discussed it.

Here's the premise of the book. Follow this plan to the letter and the user can achieve some amazing results. The key to success is commitment to the plan. If the user isn't inclined to be a good rule follower, this program may not be for you.

The Fast Metabolism Diet is broken into various phases. During each phase, the user eats certain foods and completes a particular type of exercise. The phases are designed to rev up your internal furnace.  For example, during phase 1, you eat more carbs and fewer proteins. These foods coupled with cardio exercise kick up your calorie burning potential. The following phases work on other aspects. Your body isn't starving from lack of food; rather it is being confused by the changes to its fuel.

In addition to the phases, participants need to follow other dos and don'ts. Some options are easy. For example, organic is better and meats should be nitrate free. Other rules may be more difficult. Eating within 30 minutes after you wake or staying on the program for 28 days (without cheating) can be more cumbersome.

My group of workout buddies came to the following conclusion. If you are good at following the rules and can stick with the plan, the results would be huge. If you aren't ready for this type of commitment, the program may not be the best choice.

Like any program, the user has to gauge your commitment level and your goals. If you are ready for the next step, the Fast Metabolism Diet can help you reach your goals.

Disclosure: I received this book to review and giveaway to a group of friends. All opinions expressed here are my own and were not influenced by any person or entity.


  1. I like having a plan laid out for me. Definitely going to look into the book!

  2. Sounds like a great book (plan) for someone that's disciplined enough to follow it. With any goal, it's the sacrifices that you're willing and able to make to achieve your desired results.

  3. My bf is trying to lose weight so we'll look into this.

  4. Sounds like a program I need to add to my WL goals.

  5. After I give birth to 3.0 we are changing some of our habits for sure. Both Hubby and I could use to loose a bit of weight!