Traveling with your child just got easier with Snooze Shade

During the colder weather, everyone wants to hibernate inside and not leave the comfort of the couch. As the weather improves, the sun and fun awaits us with eager anticipation. All this excitement and willingness to escape the house can be difficult when you have a young one in a stroller.  The idea of traveling on Spring Break or the summer family vacation might be filled with trepidation because of the question, how am I going to protect my child in his stroller.

Personally, I had difficulty finding a balance between having time for my older child's fun activities and providing a comfortable resting area for my younger child. It seemed that the younger child was always be brought somewhere in a stroller. From afternoons at the park to field trips to the zoos, child number two was along for the ride.With a family vacation thrown into the mix, the changes to routine only multiplied. While we weren't tied to the house (which can be a good thing), quite, restful nap time was at a minimum, which can lead to a cranky, child in a stroller.

I don't know about other moms, but finding a way to give my stroller bound child a protected area to sit, rest or nap was difficult. Luckily now there is the Snooze Shade.

The Snooze Shade is a dual purpose baby sleep aid and sunshade. If you have ever struggled with a blanket over a carrier or positioned a stroller out of the line of fire at a play-date, you know how frustrating these scenarios can be. The Snooze Shade is a way to encourage your on-the-go lifestyle with an easy, manageable device.

Here's what the Snooze Shade does:
  • Creates a shady well ventilated place for baby to sleep
  • Use as a sunshade so baby can see out when awake
  • blocks out up to 94% of light with the blackout panel closed
  • Lookout panel with UPF5 protects against 80% of UVA and UVB rays
  • Extra long and wide to cover growing toddlers or wider hoods. 
  • Lightweight, compact and portable 
  • Protects baby from wind and chill on cold days
  • Can also be used as a mosquito or insect net. 
  • Maximum-rated UPF50+ shields baby from 98% of harmful UV rays when asleep
This highly versatile piece of baby gear can make a mom's life easier. Between keeping your baby's nap-time routine on track to protecting your child from the sun, the Snooze Shade is a convenient solution for many situations. Most importantly, this product is compact and easy to use. Simply store the mesh carrying bag in your diaper bag. When you need to use the Snooze Shade, it quickly zips onto your infant carrier or stroller.

Personally, I believe that the Snooze Shade would be perfect on any family trip. Whether it's going through airports or visiting theme parks, the privacy allowed by this product can make the entire experience enjoyable for everyone. Baby can be protected and others can enjoy their fun.

The Snooze Shade retails $49.99 on Please check the website for a retailer near your location.

Disclosure: More 4 Mom's Buck received this item to review. All opinions are my own.


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