Superheroes fight all year long, The Amazing Spiderman protects our house - review

During October, it seems that everyone is ready to become his alter ego. From superheroes to evil villains, everyone is ready to dress in his favorite character. What happens during the other 11 months of the year?  Do superheroes just fly away to their secret vacation locales? No way. We need those fighters of evil all year round.

As my kids have gotten older, I've noticed that they have developed their own personalities. My older child wants to be the protector. He sees friends, neighbors and younger children who are struggling and wants to help them. This compassionate nature even comes across in his love of certain superheroes. Spiderman is one of his all time favorites because Spiderman always helps those in danger.

In our house, Halloween isn't the only time for Spiderman costumes. As a parent, I try to find a foster a creative nature. Personally, I think that costumes can be a great way to enhance a child's imagination. There is a sense of freedom to dream, imagine and inspire when you are taking on another personality. When my son puts on his Spiderman costume, he believes that he is stronger, more powerful and can save the day. While I'm not letting him swing from the rafters, I believe that he benefits from the creative nature of playing in a costume. The creativity helps him not to censor his ideas and to never give up in whatever he tries.

I'm sure that as my kids experience more and expand their horizons, their tastes and likes will change. Right now, my son would love to participate in an Amazing Spiderman costume contest or run around the yard spraying the trees with web goo. These moments of joy and abandon are imperative to well rounded youth experience. I still can recall the days of dressing up as the beautiful princess who was adored by all and could protect herself. So, I will foster these moments of creative play as long as the kids want to participate.

Are there some superheroes protecting your house? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. Love this! My youngest niece like to play dress up year round also.

  2. My two nephews who are 5 and 7 use their halloween costumes year round as dress up as well. Their mom has even bought them costumes after halloween when they are cheaper just for play. :)

  3. When my teen son was 4 he lived in his Spiderman costume. So much fun

  4. Cute,

    My nephews used to play dress up all year long.