Cut the stress for Easter Brunch

What does type of holiday tradition does your family have?  Over time, my traditions have changed. Growing up, holiday meals were set on china and had a little sense of formality. Now, life is a little more casual. Occasionally, I let the kids help make a dish or two. What I have found is that the memory is the experience not just the event.

All this being said, I've found some items that have made my cooking experience a little more easy over time. Some of the products are ones I have purchased while others are via friends recommendations. Do you have a favorite item?  Share your thoughts in the comments.

Since I like to get my kids into the kitchen cooking and baking with me, I prefer products that work well with little hands but get the job done well. Two items that will be added to my kitchen are the flex measuring beaker and the spoon spatulas.

The flex measuring beaker from Trudeau is perfect for adding liquids or solids to a recipe. If you have ever asked a child to pour liquids into your mixing bowl, the mess left behind can be great. The flexible shape and the textured outside work would help to pour efficiently. A flex measuring beaker retails for approximately $14.99.

Since no parent wants to clean extra counter-top mess, the spoon spatulas, with the raised pad, help reduce the mess of food preparation. The most intriguing feature to this gadget is that the tool can be used from both ends. The dual functionality makes scooping and spreading a breeze. The spoon spatulas retail between $12.99 and $14.99 depending on size.

From Tovolo, this tool does it all. Ideal for stirring sauces, mixing batter or gravy, and even breaking up ground meat. The 12.5" Better Batter Tool has tapered silicone fins to scrape sides clean and thick blades to mix ingredients faster.

Disclosure: I did NOT receive these products from anyone. All opinions are my own.

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