Clean and product your surfaces, NEW Soft Scrub® Advanced Surface - review/giveaway

Deep down, does anyone really like to clean? I'm sure that there are a few people out there who personally love to clean. As for me, it's a job. I know that it has to be done. In my mind, I want it done right the first time with the least amount of effort. I have more fun things to do than clean.

The thing that bothers me most when I clean having to re-clean. Do you know what I mean?  You've spent time scrubbing your stove, but then you have this film on the stove. You know that it is clean, but it doesn't appear that way to your guests. What's the problem?  The wrong clean is a common cause.

Soft Scrub Advanced Surface is a specially formulated substance to care for delicate surfaces in your home. The unique gel formula penetrates dirt and grime and wipes away without rinsing.

This new formula can be used on the following:
Glass Cooktop stoves
Stainless Steel

What I like about this formula is that cleaning is done in one step. For example. I squirted the cleaner on my stovetop. All I did was wipe the surface clean with my towel and I was done. Quick, easy and my stove looks good.

Also, I like that this cleaner can be used on multiple surfaces. There is no need to have tons of products in the house when one can do.

Soft Scrub Advance is available for purchase at most mass merchants and other stores. For more information on Soft Scrub and current contest, including the $1000 sweepstakes, please visit its Facebook page.

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Disclosure: I received this product to review and to giveaway. All opinions are my own.  


  1. The tip I try to stick to is keep up on it! If you do a little all the time then you don't need to spend days catching up later.

  2. Wait for a nice day, open the windows and have at it!

  3. My windows, I use ammonia, water with vinegar and a good squeege. And do it before sun hits them so you can check for any marks. Fast and they turn out great

  4. I love to mix Mr. clean and water solution in a bottle to keep to wipe my counter tops down

  5. Clean One part of the house a day , so you won't be overwhelmed with cleaning.


  6. open the windows and let the fresh air in!!

  7. Declutter as much as you can before you clean
    justicecw at hotmail dot com

  8. Get the kids to help and declutter everything first and clean one room at a time each day.

  9. Dont overwhelm yourself! Do things one at a time

    thanks for the chance to win!

  10. My best tip is to plan what you are going to do...

  11. Make sure the kids help -- and don't plan too much for ONE day!

  12. Start with one room and finish it before starting in another area.

  13. Start early in the day before you are overwhelmed and busy with other things.
    Sherry Compton

  14. Get the hardest parts over first. Then the rest will be easy.

  15. Some people can deal with devoting themselves to a massive cleaning; others can cope if it is broken up into smaller 1 hour projects. And the interesting thing is, get in the habit of completing a 1 hr cleaning project each week and you will find Spring cleaning is not so massive.