Cereal isn't just for breakfast - O Organics cereals

Personally I really enjoy cereal. That little bowl of goodness can make me smile. I have shared my like to my children. In our house, cereal can be for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

When it comes to cereal, we all like different types of cereal. Of course, my kids want sweet. Our compromise has become O Organics Honey Crunch N Oats.

I like this cereal because is has a good crunch and doesn't get soggy in milk. The kids love this cereal because it is sweet. The sweetness comes from the honey. I feel good about this sweet in their cereal because honey is a natural sugar.

The added benefit of this cereal is that it is organic. We all know that eating organic food is good for our overall health. Knowing that the ingredients in our cereal are organic makes me feel better about every bite.

O Organic cereal as well as the entire line of O Organics products can be purchased at a Safeway family store.

Make your next bowl of cereal a good one with O Organics.

Disclosure: I wrote this post after hosting a Moms Meet event for O Organics.

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