Time to start Spring Cleaning

Recently the constantly fluctuating weather is causing havoc in my house. One day it is sunny and 50. The following week I have sleet and sub-zero weather. With this continually changing circumstances my carpets and house has seen better days.

Now is the time to start contemplating Spring Cleaning. Which products should I use and when should I start my time table? There are a few items that are always on the list. Things like purging too small clothes and reducing clutter are never ending tasks. The larger, more time consuming items have to be planned.

Getting my carpets cleaned is a big ticket item. Not only is the event time consuming, but it requires moving furniture. Still the payoff from having nice, clean carpets is huge. Your house smells better and the environment looks fresher.

Still when you choose a rug cleaner, make sure that the company offers products that are conducive to your household. Fewer chemicals can make your house smell good but not like a factory. Look for green companies. These options are just as effective without the side effects. Having a clean house doesn't have to be full of chemicals.

With a little planning your Spring Cleaning will go efficiently this year. Are you ready to be the envy of your neighborhood?


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