Quick wit and a great vocabulary brings a win in Wordical - review/giveaway

I've found that children's minds are like sponges. The more information you offer; the more they learn. While I want my kids to learn more and more, sometimes studying can be boring (according to them). As a parent, I want to always encourage learning and engaging, which is why I often turn to learning games. Educational Insights offers numerous games that promote learning in a fun and inventive way.

The newest game that is a huge hit in our family is Wordical. Wordical is a fast-paced game of word building. The concept is easy to follow. Each player is dealt five consonant cards. Players take turn rolling the two vowel dice. Each player tries to make a word out of their consonants and the vowels. Each consonant has a point value. The goal is to create the highest point total combination with your letters.

This game is great for expanding a child's vocabulary in a fun setting. Many kids who struggle with learning find certain subjects boring. When learning becomes a game, kids become engaged and absorb the material.

I have played this game with my school aged children. Usually, the kids created words were in the two-four letter length. Still, each round provoked a discussion on correct spelling, different letter combinations and definitions of my larger word creations. If my kids remember one or two larger words that I created, the game has given them an advantage.

Wordical is a game sold by Educational Insights. It retails for $12.99 online.

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Disclosure: I received this game to review and one to giveaway. All opinions are my own.