Make your entry way inviting

If you live in an area that has been hit hard this winter, you know that the rain, snow, and salt has done to your carpets and floors. When guests arrive to your house, they bring in all the elements from outside. From the salt from the roads to the slush from the weather, my carpets, especially my entry carpet looks like it has seen better days.

When it comes to handmade rugs, you need to take special care of these items. While many of us have carpet cleaners and spotbots, these devices may not be well suited for the delicate nature of a handmade rug. Machines could pull or rip the fibers or leave a big puddle on your hardwood floor. A professional cleaner may be a better option.

When seeking a company, I like to do my research. From friends recommendations to online reviews, there are many options for eco-friendly carpet cleaning nyc. I have found that established companies with many years experience tend to have superior work. Personally, I try to find companies that have dealt with my particular product, for example an oriental rug. Also, I ask questions about the process used, customer experience and quality of work.  After all when you are trusting an integral part of your home's design quality to a company, you want the work to be done well. No one wants an entry rug with stains, pulls or dis-coloration. It sets a bad tone at your home's entry point.

As winter comes to an end, start sprucing up your entry way and handmade rugs with a fresh clean. Your guests will see your home as warm and inviting from the moment they step inside. 


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  1. It's so hard to keep things clean in the winter time. Thanks!!