Great blogging tips round-up

Who isn't busy these days. Between being mom, carpool liaison, chef, cleaning lady and everything in between, who has a free minute or two. If you did, I know that you would have time to search the web in some great tips from other bloggers. To save you that few minutes time, a group of friends came together to highlight some informative posts for the week. Check out the tips and ideas in these posts. 

crockpot freezer chicken meals   Jorryn is my picky eater. Although he is slowly starting to get better now, he still mostly sticks with eating chicken. So I am always on the lookout for new recipes that are easy for me and tasty for him. I rely a lot on freezer meals since I can make them ahead of time and then prepare dinner quickly. They're also a huge blessing if someone stops by unexpectedly! Dawn from Blogging Mom of 4 has been busy preparing goodies for her freezer this week and was awesome enough to share her keep your old winter coat looking great

Meg over at Meg's Moxie shares her tips on keeping your old winter coats looking great, including how she takes care of minor repairs without major sewing skills! Since we're finally getting some snow in Michigan, it's time to break out the big
coats, and this article had some good tips. Especially if you are doing the hand me down thing like we are and trying to make big brother's coat last for another kid!  

shopper's haul

    Marianne over at  Shopper's Haul plug in that will help you save both time and money! If you are a blogger, I would definitely recommend checking out this resource!     

do it yourself dishwasher detergentLayne over at Coupons with Q has a super simple two-ingredient do it yourself dishwasher detergent recipe! This recipe gets dishes clean without harsh chemicals and is very cost effective.

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